2023-10-18 | SynchroniCities | Club Kino | Manila

Join us for SynchroniCities on 18 October, Wednesday, 8pm at Club Kino, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City. Welcome the night with a casual conversation moderated by Eya Beldia, between Filipina visual artist Annie Pacaña and Osaka-based dub-classical contrabass artist and composer, Flagio. Hang out and enjoy live cinema with the screening of 8mm footages from 1950s and moving image works by Annie Pacaña simultaneously scored by Joee Mejias, Flagio, Happy Fiesta, Gavelknock and Rico Lapresca. This one night program contemplates on nostalgia and city living that concurs with Pacaña’s work “Anemoia” shown at the group exhibit “No City As Dear As” at Finale Art File co-presented with Tin-aw Art Projects. Only on 18 October at 8pm at Club Kino, see you! SynchroniCities A casual conversation and live cinema 18 Oct, Wednesday, 8pm onwards at Club Kino The collaborators: Annie Pacaña is a visual artist that contemplates urban living thru the chaos of the city’s infrastructure. Her works are moving images from photographs she takes in and around Metro Manila. She then explores connectivities through collaborations with interdisciplinary artists. Flagio is an Osaka-based dub-classical contrabass artist and composer. Using analog and digital sound effects like the contrabass, he creates lyrical and hypnotic soundscapes that straddle the genres of ambient, electronic, and post-classical music. He performs in different countries across Asia and Europe and collaborates with both Japanese and international musicians and dancers. Joee Mejias is an audio-visual artist and musician. She combines field recordings, traditional and found instruments, electronics, and voice, forming songs that evoke inner memories, altered dream states, and fragments of real or imaginary journey. Her live performances are influenced by her theatre background. She has performed around the Philippines, Asia, and North America. Happy Fiesta began as an instrumental band. It was previously composed of Gerecho Iniel on keyboards, Jep Morales on percussion and harmonica, Roger Anonuevo on bass (even though he doesn’t own a bass), Jorell on guitars, and Alfred Alba on glockienspiel. In 2013, they performed in Saguijo and have reunited after a decade reinforcing the essence of their name: Happy Fiesta as Iniel tinkers with circuitry as his new medium of creativity and collaborates with Jep and Roger in an undulating musicality. Gavelknock is an experimental music group that plays with the nature of circulating musical roles and free-improvisation. Rooted in crate-digging culture, true school hip-hop, and psychedelia, the group attempts to channel moods of urban frustration, suffocation, and hysteria. Rico Lapresca dabbles with street photography as he roams around the city. He plays blues on his guitar as a solo act. Recently, he did the musical score in collaboration with Annie Pacaña for her work “Breadwinners” in an ongoing exhibit, “Film Pest” at Mono8 gallery. Eya Beldia is swimming in nostalgia while sinking with this city. Her research interests traverse design and ecology, printmaking across Asia, and women visual artists in the Philippines.Currently, she is taking her MA Art Studies (Art History) in the Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines – Diliman.




A casual conversation and live cinema 18 Oct, Wednesday, 8pm onwards at Club Kino